Overcoming Depression (E-book Version)
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Overcoming Depression, A Step-by-Step Approach to Gaining Control over Depression, Second Edition oleh Paul Gilbert ini adalah versi E-book dari buku dengan judul yang sama. Anda bisa menchecknya di Amazon.com. 

Daftar isi buku:

PART I: Understanding Depression
1 What is Depression? 
2 Causes of Depression: Biology and Stress
3 Causes of Depression:
How Evolution May Have Shaped Depression
4 Causes of Depression:
Early Life, Psychological and Social Aspects

PART II: Learning How to Cope
5 Initial Steps
6 Thoughts and Feelings
7 Challenging Negative Thoughts and Feelings
8 Styles of Negative Thinking
9 Self-Bullying and How to Challenge it 
10 Calling Ourselves Names:
How Negative Labels Affect Us
11 Further Methods to Challenge
Negative Thoughts 

PART III: Special Problems Associated with Depression
12 Approval, Subordination and Bullying
13 Confronting Shame
14 Coping with Guilt and Caring Too Much

15 Coping with Anger
16 From Anger to Assertiveness and Forgiveness
17 Dealing with Frustration, Disappointmentand Lost Ideals
18 Perfectionism and Competitiveness,or How the Secret of Success is the Ability to Fail
19 Summing Up

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