Emotional Freedom technique (Advance Course)
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EFT Advance Course

Video ini dapat Anda miliki jika Anda telah menguasai EFT Basic. Adapun isi dari pada video EFT Advance Course adalah:1. Importance introduction
2. Imaging tapping, chasing pain, Brain Foley, Constricted Breathing Technique
3. Briefer form of EFT, Marilyn Gordon, Michael Gordy on muscle testing
4. Intro Dr. Tiller, Marla Drucker, intro surrogate muscle testing
5. Moving from 1 on 1 Muscle testing to surrogate muscle testing
6. Torn of public speaking, move on surrogate muscle testing
7. Dr. William Tiller’s presentation
8. Tiller’s continued, subtle sensitive by Radomsky, Handelsman & Fleming
9. Follow-up comments, intuitive diagnosis, guessing
10. EFT by telephone, Gibson, Lesly
11. Craig – Bashful bladder, Martha – Being reserved
12. David – Fear of public speaking, Joyce – Health issues
13. Jane - Accident

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